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Communication + Impact evaluation

Organizations are often more comfortable pursuing their mission and carrying out their program than spreading the word on their actions.

A multitude of communications and evaluation tools are available. By browsing  through various options, organizations can chose the tools that best suit their reality, that best reflect the scope of their actions and that best translate the importance of their work to stakeholders.

Using Story to change systems

An article published by the Stanford Social Innovation Review. We need to develop new processes of collective storytelling across sectors to navigate turbulent times and foster systems change.

A guide to evaluation

Evaluation is the key part of any project. Here is a guide published by the Big Lottery Fund (a British Foundation) to help you think about the benefits of evaluating a project and how to get started.   

The Communications Network

Foundations and nonprofits that communicate well are stronger, smarter, and vastly more effective. Learn more about The Communications Network.

Social Reporting Standard (SRS)

A guide to results-based reporting. Developped in Germany, it is commonly used by social organisations to show their results to donors, investors and other interested parties. 

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