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Human resources + Volunteerism

Human capital is an organization’s greatest asset.

Recruiting, training and retaining committed and competent employees and volunteers is a daily challenge. Organizations face a constantly changing operational reality.

Retrain and Gain

An excellent guide published by the CERIC on career management for non-profits and charities. 

The COCo Resource Toolbox

A collection of practical tools for community groups and nonprofits in Quebec: Human Resources, Organizational Health, Anti-Oppression and many more topics. Created by the Centre for Community Organisations (COCo).  

Association Magazine

No Shortcuts to Employee Engagement : Ways to Create Real Employee Engagemen from the Ground Up, Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey, February-March 2014, pp.22-26. Before you can make much progress in increasing employee engagement, you need an accurate understanding of what’s like to work at your organization right now.

Association Magazine

Converting office politics into positive energy, Mark Cohen, February-March 2014, pp.19-21. Interacting with people is challenging, as we all have strengths, shortcoming, quirks and idiosyncrasies.

Association Magazine

What the Next Generation of Association Leaders Really Want from Future Employers and How They May Be Equipped to Help Associations Adapt to the Future, Jack Shand, February-March 2014, pp.10-16. Change is occurring and it needs new thinking, but Boards will continue to respond to action that is justifiable and constructive.

Association Magazine

The Payback for Paying A to Organizational Culture, Bob Haig, February-March 2012, pp.27-34. Like most of us, your calendar reveal a lot of unplanned activity and more.

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