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Social Innovation + Transformation

Much has been said about social innovation, but it remains a vague concept for many organizations.

However, it encompasses a set of practices and new methods that deserve close attention. Essentially, social innovation means challenging the status quo, for everyone’s benefit.

SDG : Guidebook and toolkit

A guide to help community foundations integrate sustainable development goals (SDGs) into their work. This guide provides a theoretical framework and practical approaches that are useful for any organization interested in aligning its work with the SDGs framework.

Philagora : idea toolkit

Creativity is an inexhaustible resource that remains under-exploited. By deepening the concepts inherent to creativity and various techniques, we wish to enhance the potential of individuals and stimulate their ability to face challenges. Download the kit for free.

Old problems, new solutions: Measuring the capacity for social innovation across the world

Policymakers, non-government organisations, charities and entrepreneurs across the world are showing increasing interest in “social innovation” as a means of addressing various problems, from poverty and homelessness to environmental degradation. What does the term actually mean?

The Social Innovation Index, sponsored by Nippon Foundation was devised and constructed by an Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). The report examines, analyses and explains social innovation.

ABSI Connect Kit

ABSI Connect seeks to amplify the initiatives of the social, economic and ecological that challenge successfully the status quo in Alberta. Kate Letizia, Aleeya Velji Cornelisse and Lesley have put together several tools and resources in response to what they have learned and heard about social innovation Alberta.

Social intrapreneur’s DNA

This research report decodes the Social Intrapreneur’s DNA. It provides deeper insight into the key behaviors and competencies needed to be successful as a social intrapreneur inside an established organization.

What is the Social Economy?

and what is The Impact of the Social Economy? Are you concerned about the social and environmental consequences of the current economic development model? The social economy is an alternative. The video capsules was produced for le Chantier de l’économie sociale and le Centre de la francophonie des Amériques.

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