A picture is said to be worth a thousand words. In the case of an organization, stories act as powerful images. They reveal its personality, its audiences, the scope of its activities. They introduce us to the daily life of the organization, its challenges and its successes. Here are the stories of our partner organizations: there is no doubt they will make you feel connected to them as we are.

Queen’s University

The Ingenuity Labs Research Institute is a University initiative focused on combining artificial intelligence, robotics and human-computer interaction to create intelligent systems and robotic machines that improve human productivity, safety, performance and quality of life.

No.9 Contemporary Art & Environment

No.9 offers ecoliteracy programs in schools and in the public domain, designed to encourage the use of creative thinking to solve environmental problems and promote sustainable living.

Chez Doris

Founded in 1977, Chez Doris is a day shelter that offers a range of services and programs to meet the most basic and immediate needs of vulnerable women and homeless women.

Women’s Y Foundation

The YWCA Montreal, supported by its Foundation, provides services to women, girls and their families so they can participate in and contribute to society to the best of their abilities.


Interligne offers help and information by phone, text, email and chat 24 hours a day to members of the LGBTQ+ communities, their loved ones, and anyone concerned about sexual and gender diversity.

Giant steps

Founded in 1980, Giant Steps School is dedicated to providing high quality, innovative educational and therapeutic services to its students and to supporting the Quebec autism community.

Centaur Theater

The Centaur’s mission is to bring to the forefront stories that open up horizons and perspectives. By constantly looking at the human experience in a new way, the Theater encourages open-mindedness in artists and their audiences.

Marie-Vincent Foundation

The Foundation supports sexually and physically abused children and youth by providing them with the services they need under one roof.

The Shield of Athena

The Shield of Athena is a non-profit organization for victims of family violence. We offer emergency shelter and professional services to women and their children. Its support, intervention and prevention services are culturally and linguistically adapted to meet the needs of many of Montreal’s major ethnocultural communities.

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