Philanthropic Intentions

Four philanthropic intentions represent the impact we want to have within the organizations with which we work hand in hand.

Development of innovative practices

  • New modes of intervention
  • Review of internal process to meet evolving needs
  • Adaptation/transformation of good practices to meet your stakeholders’ needs

Creation and sharing of knowledge

  • Development of a community of practice
  • Deployment of tools allowing sharing of good practices
  • Transfer of methodologies from the academic (and research) communities to the intervention communities 

 Community mobilization

  • Collaboration of several players on the same problem (in the context of a project)
  • Initiatives favouring citizen participation in a perspective of societal development/transformation 
  • Creation of multisector alliances to break down barriers

Organizational or personal capacity building

  • Development of an assessment and impact measurement strategy
  • Deployment of tools (e.g. data collection, analysis, project management, etc.)
  • Integration of new competencies to ensure greater organizational and individual autonomy 
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