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Every year, the Foundation studies hundreds of donation applications, prepared by organizations with a heavy workload. Since we cannot present every application to the Donations Committee within the immediate application period, here is how we do it. 

All new applications will begin with the filing of an intent form. As a new application, we mean:

  • The first time an organization submits a request
  • An application submitted by an organization that has not received annual support from the Foundation within the last 24 months
  • An application submitted as part of a major fundraising campaign

The intent form will allow you to describe the object of your application summarily. We then will contact you to indicate whether the Donations Committee will be able to study the application. Only the applicant whose file will be presented to the Committee will be invited to submit a complete application.

The intent form requires little preparation time.

Only the intent form will be studied at this stage. It is therefore useless to send us any other documentation for the time being.

Applications are now made directly on the Foundation’s new electronic platform.

On your first visit, you will need to create a user account by filling out the registration form.

IMPORTANT: An Electronic Application Guide (pdf) has been developed to assist applicant organizations. We invite you to consult it before beginning any application process.

Please note that:

  • Due to the many applications submitted to us and to favour follow-up visits for active donations, we cannot accept requests for meetings with applicant organizationsHowever, do not hesitate to call us to ask more specific questions or to verify your application’s compatibility with the Foundation’s interests.
  • Applications received directly from departments of major institutions, such as universities, without the support of their development office, will not be considered.
new application process

Organizations may submit an intent form every 12 months.

In the case of applications that are deemed eligible but that we are not in a position to review immediately, the intent form remains active for twelve months. We may contact you at any time during this period to receive a complete application. If this is the case, we will tell you the filing deadline and allow you time to prepare the application (minimum 45 business days).

Please note that the Foundation does not accept any forms from organizations receiving an active donation from the Foundation.

In the case of major and multi-year donations (i.e. major fundraising campaign), a three-year latency period is generally imposed once the donation becomes inactive. We will then inform the organizations of the eligibility date to submit a new application form.

You will receive a response to your intent form within 30 business days of filing, except for requests over $50,000. For the latter, a more in-depth analysis is necessary and the response may take up to 90 days, depending on our committee dates.

In cases where we request a complete application, you will receive a response within 90 days of filing. Deadlines are often shorter, depending on committee dates.

Please note that donation payments are deposited directly into the account. If the request is accepted, we will ask for you bank details. A specimen cheque is the easiest way to send us this information.

(if we ask you to do so, you will submit these documents in the electronic plateform.)

  • Your most recent audited financial statements
  • Your last annual report or activity report

In 2022, the Foundation adopted an oral reporting process that revolves around a one-hour meeting to which grantees are invited during the year.

This approach is designed to encourage direct, spontaneous conversations. Beyond our grant, we want to hear about your successes, challenges, needs, learnings and so on.

We also appreciate informal follow-ups throughout the year.

Organizations receiving multi-year support are asked to provide us with their audited financial statements and annual/activity reports for each fiscal year.

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