Chez Doris

The difficulty to access affordable housing is the primary cause of the increase in homelessness in Montreal, followed by chronic physical and mental health problems, including alcohol and drug abuse. Homelessness disproportionately affects Aboriginal women and women of color. The pandemic has also led to an increase in the number of victims of domestic violence who have accessed Chez Doris’ services, either because they had reached the maximum time limit for staying in a shelter for abused women, or because these shelters were full.

Chez Doris’ approach prevents homelessness among vulnerable women, provides a safe place for homeless women, and provides long-term support for those who manage to get off the street. This global approach is successful and allows the organization to respond to many needs. We are proud to support Chez Doris’ mission.

Gift granted in February 2024
$25,000/12 months
Mission funding

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