Financial Support Types

Donations can be defined in different forms. Whenever possible, the Foundation favours core-mission funding with the aim of supporting the organization’s overall development.

Mission Funding

Organizations must have solid foundations on which to build their actions. This is why we prefer core-mission funding, particularly for organizations active in the community sector and arts and culture. 

A donation in support of the mission is generally granted on an annual basis (without automatic recurrence). It allows the organization to use the amount allocated according to the priorities it will have identified. 

Sometimes a donation is granted in support of the mission for a specific program, depending on the organization’s needs or because this program has particularly drawn our attention.

Our experience tells us that mission funding allows us to develop closer ties with partner organizations, which we learn to know organically. This promotes exchanges and common learning.  

Project Funding

Project-based support is periodic support with the aim of supporting a time-limited initiative. This type of support is often granted at the request of organizations who seek to use the partnership as leverage. 

We sometimes support projects promoted by a group of organizations engaged in a common initiative. In this type of project, one of the partners must be identified as the official applicant. This partner is then responsible for all the follow-ups and the administrative management of the donation.

To support a project, special attention is paid to the project’s feasibility, its anticipated impacts, the partners involved and the resources in place. 

Major Campaign Funding 

Support for major campaigns is part of a multi-year budget plan and calls for special attention by the Donations Committee. Donations of this type are limited in number to respect the Foundation’s financial availability. 

For donations allocated in the context of major campaigns, we attach great importance to the match between the target project and the Foundation’s philanthropic intentions. Infrastructure projects are not considered.

When a donation of this type is granted, the partner organization must comply with a two-year dormancy period after the end of a major campaign before submitting a new donation request. 

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