The Foundation organizes a series of training sessions, conferences and networking activities yearly. Open to the non-profit sector as a whole, these workshops allows the emergence of a dynamic and committed community of practice. 

The curriculum evolves constantly: we favour tailor-made workshops, in collaboration with experienced trainers who are sensitive to our particular challenges. These training sessions are also highly valued networking opportunities for organizations: they meet peers, exchange good practices, find mentors, and even can sow the seeds for joint projects. 

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A virtual meeting space for Directors. The 75-minute discussions are intended to be a ponctual break for the directors, a safe place to share and to learn. A different topic is addressed at each meeting, which is co-facilitated by a DG (the conversations are mainly in French but English-speaking Directors are welcome to join!)

Are employers’ expectations changing?
Wednesday, October 5 from 8:30 to 10:00 a.m. – Virtual
The world of work is changing very quickly, especially since the pandemic! The pressures on employers are increasing: we are witnessing the phenomenon of job shopping due to the labour shortage, which can create a bidding war in the offer of benefits; on another side, some people find themselves weakened in their personal life or their job, which requires more intervention on the part of employers who need to focus on the well-being of their teams.

– Have you observed this phenomenon?
– How do you deal with these demands?
– Is this phenomenon influenced by the different expectations of different generations?

This chat will be an opportunity to reflect on this phenomenon and to share tips and best practices.

Due to the nature of some topics, all audiences lounges are open to all team members.

Bill 25, what consequences for NPOs? 
Thursday, November 24 from 8:30 to 10:00 a.m. – Virtual
Bill 25 aims to modernize the rules protecting personal information in Quebec by requiring more responsible and transparent management of personal data. The changes will extend over a period of 3 years, until 2024.  

– What do these changes mean for an NPO?
– How can your organization prepare?
– How do we put in place a data management policy?
– What resources are available to us? 

This chat will take the form of a presentation on the impacts of Bill 25 on our sector by David Chartrand, president of Novatic, a digital transformation agency, followed by an exchange of tools, advice and best practices.  

New to fundraising: I’m getting started!
Thursday, October 13 from 9:00 to 12:00 pm – Virtual
An overview of best practices in fundraising for non-profit organizations.
This workshop given by Daniel Lanteigne, Senior Consultant, BNP Performance Philanthropique, is intended for people who are new to the sector or who are taking over the development department at the drop of a hat.
How to integrate a philanthropic culture, build a good relationship with donors and understand the dynamics of fundraising?

Link Strength: How to talk about your organization in a clear, concise and effective way?
Thursday, November 3 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm – Virtual

ATTENTION: this workshop is intended for senior management!
However, you can invite a person of your choice to join you behind your screen: members of the Board of Directors, development or communication staff… There will be a preparation exercise to do before the workshop.

Your organization was created to meet the needs of your community, whatever its scale. Without claiming to solve everything, you have decided to commit energy and resources to act on one or more dimensions of the issue by proposing your own solutions. Your strategies are interwoven with other initiatives, like links in a chain, with the intention of making a difference.  

In this workshop, we will work on your organization’s contribution map. Like its cousins, the logic model and theory of change, this tool will help you make your vision/action clear and engaging and communicate it effectively.  

– Synthesize the strategic directions of your organization. 
– Clarify the different types of impact of your organization’s actions. 
– Reflect on its place in the ecosystem and its role in resolving the issue. 
– Write a one-page presentation.
– Identify obstacles in the use of this tool and possible solutions. 

This workshop will be led by François Lagarde, Consultant in communication and social marketing.


Youth and Philanthropy
Thursday, November 17 from 1:00 to 4:15 p.m. – Virtual
As part of Philagora’s 10th anniversary, the Foundation gave volunteer organizations carte blanche to come up with a capacity-building activity. 

The theme that was agreed upon: youth and philanthropy:
– Who are the donors of tomorrow?
– What are their expectations?
– What types of engagement motivate and inspire youth?

This activity will take the form of a panel discussion with young philanthropists (19-40 years old), as well as a seasoned fundraiser (we will reveal their identities shortly).
A networking session will follow.

You missed activitiesConsult the documentation and reccording here (French only), when available.

Towards meaningful philanthropic partnerships – In collaboration with the Goodman Family Foundation –May 5, 2022
How to nurture philanthropic partnerships? What are the best practices that might help maintain a long-term relationship with a funder?

  • You are looking to connect with a new funder, or
  • You have an active grant with a funder and want to add depth to the partnership, or
  • The grant you are receiving from a funder is coming to an end.

Through the analysis of real cases, we will reflect on the stewardship of meaningful philanthropic partnerships and we will try to identify the keys to success as well as the pitfalls to avoid.


Series : Strategic Clarity to Strengthen Operations (French only) – In collaboration with Credo.

Workshop 1 : Organizational Identity and Strategy – April 6, 2022
Take a step back from your day-to-day life to reflect on how you position yourself in relation to the social problem you are tackling; better understand the path to strategic clarity; and get introduced to tools to stay on track, especially in times of crisis.

Workshop 2 : Impact Evaluation – April 27, 2022
Discover different ways to evaluate your impact in a meaningful way. How can we reclaim this important part of our work so that it is truly useful?

Workshop 3 : Impact Communications – May 18, 2022
Why, what and how to document the impact or potential impact of the organization internally, but also but also with our stakeholders. 


The Director’s lounge : Let’s talk salary and administrative costs – April 20 and 26, 2022

Morning loungeInclusion goes to work – March 16, 2022 


Knowledge Transfer : preserve your organization’s memory! – CSMO-ÉSAC – February 9 + March 10, 2022
In recent years, the announcement of imminent retirements of managers in the employment sector and the lack of strategies put in place to train the next generation have led the CSMO-ESAC to work on the issue of knowledge transfer and the circulation of knowledge in organizations. 

A practical and reflective guide for the implementation of a knowledge transfer process for managers and key employees was produced by the CSMO-ÉSAC. The training is based on the tools in this guide.


Universal accessibility of events – AlterGo and Kéroul – February 23, 2022 
Access to services offered to the entire population remains a crucial issue for social participation. Organizers of private or public events who are aware of the needs of people with disabilities are better able to make their activities universally accessible and thus participate in the advancement of society. 

This activity aims to help people to : 
– Adjust their practices by developing a universal accessibility reflex by taking into account the needs of people with functional limitations;
– Know where to start in planning an event to offer the same or similar participation to all;
– Know the steps necessary to organize an inclusive event, whether it is held in person or in virtual format;
– Understand the essentials of proper hospitality and accessible communication.


Daring to have courageous conversations, the art of dialogue for better communication – Institut Pacifique 
January 20 + February 22, 2022
The themes that will be proposed will revolve around the importance of approach and intention in high-stakes conversations; the importance of perceptions and their impact on communication and on the relationship with the other; the biological issues present in difficult conversations; creating a zone of trust for dialogue; constructive assertiveness and finally, the art of healthy debate. What a program!


Inclusion, My Responsibility (bilingual) December 9, 2021
Inclusion and diversity are two words that we have heard very often this year. Beyond the trendy effect, we invite you to join us in reflecting on the emotional charge they contain. As we explore their vast potential for learning we will discover how, when we choose to live them fully, they enrich the experience both on an individual and organizational level. 
Marco Pronovost will take us through this interactive workshop where we will understand how to express our needs and understand those of others through healthy dialogues, while opening our minds to the human richness that surrounds us. 


The Director’s lounge : New Social Advantage – November 16, 2021 (am + pm)


With the collaboration of Humanovis and Techno Culture Club,  we proposed a series of three meetings to dive into the world of digital culture and data, in order to better understand the stakes and perspectives for our sector. 

The ABC of data – October 14, 2021
With this first conference, we set the table to better understand what is meant by the term “data”. We also presented the concept of digital maturity as well as a concrete case study of the digital shift undertaken by Humanov-is.

Ethics of data – November 4, 2021 
We used the experience of Tel-Jeunes as a starting point for an overview of the key ethical issues surrounding the collection, retention and use of data. We also discussed bias and looked at data through an Indigenous lens.  

Engage in a digital transformation model – November 25, 2021
This 3rd meeting took the form of an interactive workshop for about 30 people. The objectives were to : 
-Reflect on the essential prerequisites closely related to your strategic clarity to start a digital transformation process;  
– Conduct a self-diagnosis exercise focused on your own data management and reflect on the next steps to be taken within your organization. 


How do we understand donor motivations from a retention perspective? – September 30, 2021
The pandemic has increased funding pressures on organizations. How can we consolidate established partnerships and ensure that our donors remain loyal? 

5 people, with different perspectives on this issue, participated in the panel:

  • Marjolaine Lachance – Bell Canada
  • Kathy Assayag – Fondation communautaire juive de Montréal
  • Floriane Lemoine – Fondation Chamandy
  • Claude Dumas – individual donor
  • Chantal Cadieux – individual and corporate donor 
The Director’s lounge : Back to School : Plan vs. Reality – September 15, 2021

Please note that these series are open in priority to people working in the non-profit sector, employees, board members or members of other committees, who formally represent the organization.

For some workshops where attendance is limited to a small number of participants, we will not be able to accept registrations from supporting actors (consultants, self-employed individuals, occasional volunteers). We thank you for your understanding.

For each workshop, detailed information (date, time, location and description) will be provided in the invitation sent at the beginning of the registration period, one month before the event. 

Please note that space is limited and fill up quickly. Register quickly!

New events may pop up during the year.  

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