The Foundation organizes a series of training sessions, conferences and networking activities yearly. Open to the non-profit sector as a whole, these workshops allows the emergence of a dynamic and committed community of practice. 

The curriculum evolves constantly: we favour tailor-made workshops, in collaboration with experienced trainers who are sensitive to our particular challenges. These training sessions are also highly valued networking opportunities for organizations: they meet peers, exchange good practices, find mentors, and even can sow the seeds for joint projects. 

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Please note that the majority of our activities are offered in French, but we organize a few bilingual workshops every year. You will be able to select your preferred language options in the registration form.

A virtual meeting space for Executive directors. The 75-minute discussions are intended to be a ponctual break for the Executive directors, a safe place to share and to learn. A different topic is addressed at each meeting, which is co-facilitated by a ED (the conversations are mainly in French but English-speaking Directors are welcome to join!)

Due to the nature of some topics, all audiences early bird chats are open to all team members.

Inspired by Early bird chats, this new series is aimed at people just starting out in philanthropic development. It’s a space for sharing and co-learning, with fundraising as the common thread.

Four bi-monthly meetings will address complementary angles, such as setting up an initial framework, identifying potential donors, approach strategies and so on. Themes will be refined according to the needs expressed by participants.

Nathalie Lévesquea strategist specializing in organizational development and the deployment of marketing communications solutions, will be co-hosting.

The series is open: each café can be taken ”à la carte!” You can also attend all the meetings. However, you’ll need to register for each one.

How to talk to funders
Wednesday February 28, 8:30am to 10am
We invite you to share best practices in financing-related communication/marketing. 

As the theme can be very (too) broad, the café will be built around the questions and issues you share with us in the survey linked to your registration. Please fill in the survey carefully. 

During the meeting, in addition to answering your questions, we’ll also propose a quick exercise where, in sub-groups, we’ll draw on our collective intelligence to propose possible solutions to the issues identified in the survey. 

Communicating : touching the ghost to make it disappear 
Wednesday February 14, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., face-to-face
Tuesday February 27, 9am to 12pm, virtual
Curious about communication from a different angle?
The content presented here will inform you about little-known, often strange, yet highly effective strategies in the workplace. There are indeed long-standing communication problems that can be alleviated by approaching your personal and professional relationships differently.

The content presented will also enable you to diagnose some of your preferred modes of communication and identify solutions to the communication problems you encounter.

Objectives :
– Assess certain preferences as communicators.
– Develop skills conducive to improving organizational communications.

Contents :
– Cognitive and relational conflicts.
– Circular relationships and their harmful effects.
– Using Change II to improve organizational communications.

This workshop will be led by Dominique Morneau, organizational psychologist inc. 

Wellness Laboratory 
Wednesday March 13, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., in person
Well-being corresponds to a high level of satisfaction with one’s existence. It relates to the notion of happiness, emphasizes meaning and ultimately enables people to resist the negative demands of their environment. 

In a post-pandemic context where hybrid work has taken on a major role, the mental health of individuals is being put to the test. 
– How can we act in the face of complexity and uncertainty? 
– How can we rethink the collective rituals that foster organizational cohesion? 
– How can we strike a balance and let go? 

Faced with these questions, we invite you to a laboratory on well-being, where experiential and reflective activities will be offered. Expect to be unsettled, and to experience an unusual day! 


A workshop by André Fortin and Sarah Libersan from the Maison de l’innovation sociale (MIS).

You missed activitiesConsult the documentation and reccording here (French only), when available.

Early bird chats – Executive directors : Mutualization – February 7, 2024


Link Strength: How to talk about your organization in a clear, concise and effective way? – December 5, 2023 and January 30, 2024
During this workshop, We’ll work on your organization’s contribution chart. You’ll learn about the criteria that guide the decisions of various funders (individual donors, municipalities, governments and foundations). Volunteer participants will be able to present their schema and argument in line with certain principles of effective communication, and benefit from feedback from other workshop participants.

A workshop by François Lagarde, communications and social marketing consultant.


Early bird chats – All audiences : Evaluation November 28, 2023


Philanthropic Café : Identify and map donors – November 22, 2023
Tools for identifying and mapping potential donors.


Philanthropic Café : The fundraising toolbox – October 4, 2023
The essential documents you need to get off to a good start and be able to make day-to-day decisions (e.g. a recognition plan, a donation acceptance policy, etc.).


Early bird chats – All audiences Cybersecurity – September 27, 2023


Early bird chats – Executive directors : Say no! – May 17, 2023


Knowledge transfer: preserve your organization’s memory! – May 10, 2023
In collaboration with the CSMO-ÉSAC, we invite you to take the time to reflect on your knowledge transfer practices. A challenge that affects most organizations in our field! 

The social economy and community action sector is not immune to staff turnover. This situation is not without consequences for organizations that are called upon to juggle these departures and, with them, the possible loss of unique, innovative know-how specific to the sector. Knowledge transfer planning can save you a lot of headaches! 

A practical and reflective guide to implementing a knowledge transfer process for managers and key employees has been developed. The training is based on the tools in this guide.


Influencing – breaking the shell and unleashing the fairy – April 4, 2023 in person, and April 11, 2023 virtual
Are you curious to see influence from a different angle?
The content presented will allow you to be informed and to practice communication strategies that will promote influence with individuals and work teams, without having to spend too much time on it and without provoking resistance.

The strategies taught will also promote the mobilization and empowerment of individuals and work teams. 

– Assess and develop your skills in influencing individuals and work teams.
– Assess and develop your skills in dealing with ambivalence in individuals and work teams.

Content :
– The postures of influence: following, leading and guiding.
– The interdependence between thoughts and actions.
– The discourse of change and strategies to evoke it. 

Two other “S&P” sessions, sweet and productive, led by Dominique Morneauorganizational psychologist.


Finding well-being at work – drawing water from the well – March 14, 2023, in person
Curious about a different approach to wellness at work?
Three years after the beginning of the pandemic, here is an invitation to get back to “flesh and blood” activities! And what better way to reunite than to reflect together on the organizational and individual variables that help cultivate well-being at work.

The proposed strategies will allow us to identify and avoid the pitfalls that will arise as we move forward on the path of organizational commitment and well-being.

 Objectives :
– Identify some personal and organizational variables related to well-being.
– Identify some actions that support organizational well-being.

Content : 
– The determinants of organizational well-being.
– The nature of the interdependence between our thoughts and feelings.
– Actions that promote organizational well-being.

A “S&P” day, sweet and productive, led by Dominique Morneau, organizational psychologist.


Early bird chats – Executive directors : The optimal management of your time – February 14, 2023


How to improve your communication strategy? – january 31 and february 1 st
It is essential to think about your communication strategy to help you save time and be more effective in achieving your objectives. 
Come and discover how to identify the tactics adapted to your resources and target audiences among all the existing tools, as well as tips for planning and implementing a communication campaign.

This workshop is intended for people who are new to a communications position or who are responsible for certain tasks related to communications.
It aims to remind participants of the fundamental principles of communication, as applied to the NPO sector. In parallel to the presentation, participants will be invited to start planning their own campaign by following key steps. 

This interactive workshop is facilitated by Lauréline Manassero, founder of La Clique.


Early bird chats – Executive directors : Applied Benevolent Leadership – January 26 and March 8, 2023


How to attract, recruit and retain employees? – December 14, 2022
The challenge of the labour shortage is more present than ever within organizations! 
The CSMO-ÉSAC’s national survey “Les Repères 2018” reveals that 40% of organizations have encountered difficulties in filling a position and 44% of managers say they are concerned about the issue of succession. 

Offered for the first time as part of Philagora in 2021, this workshop designed by the CSMO-ÉSAC is intended as an introduction to HR marketing, an approach aimed at implementing strategies related to attracting succession and retaining employees.

Objectives :
– Provide an overview of the different concepts of employer branding;
– Be aware of the different HR marketing elements relevant to your organization;
– Reflect on one’s practices by exchanging with peers.


Reinventing your organizational culture in troubled times (bilingual) – December 8, 2022 
The last few years have brought about major changes in the way we socialize, in both personal and professional spheres. The connections that allow us to create a strong and shared organizational culture have been challenged. Yet, we know that organizational culture is a powerful tool that influences most aspects of an organization, both internally and externally, such as employee well-being and stakeholder relations. 

What cracks have appeared in your organizational culture and how can you repair them? 
This workshop will allow non-profit professionals to reflect on different issues experienced by organizations and will rely on their collective knowledge to look for solutions. Teams will be created to explore one of the following two topics :

– Are innovation and risk-taking compatible with work from home and global chaos?
– How to manage the demands of a diverse team, in particular when different generations work together?

A collaboration between the J. Armand Bombardier Foundation, the Morris and Rosalind Goodman Family Foundation and the Chamandy Foundation. 


Early bird chats – All audiences : Bill 25, what consequences for NPOs? – November 24, 2022


Youth and Philanthropy – November 17, 2022
As part of Philagora’s 10th anniversary, the Foundation gave volunteer organizations carte blanche to come up with a capacity building activity. 

The theme that was agreed upon: youth and philanthropy:
– Who are the donors of tomorrow?
– What are their expectations?
– What types of engagement motivate and inspire youth?

This activity will take the form of a panel discussion with young philanthropists and a seasoned fundraiser. A networking session will follow.


Link Strength: How to talk about your organization in a clear, concise and effective way? –
November 3 and 29, 2022
In this workshop, we will work on your organization’s contribution map. Like its cousins, the logic model and theory of change, this tool will help you make your vision/action clear and engaging and communicate it effectively.  

– Synthesize the strategic directions of your organization. 
– Clarify the different types of impact of your organization’s actions. 
– Reflect on its place in the ecosystem and its role in resolving the issue. 
– Write a one-page presentation.
– Identify obstacles in the use of this tool and possible solutions. 

A workshop by François Lagarde, Consultant in communication and social marketing.


New to fundraising : I’m going for it! – October 13, 2022
An overview of best practices in fundraising for non-profit organizations.
This workshop given by Daniel Lanteigne, Senior Consultant, BNP Performance Philanthropique, is intended for people who are new to the sector or who are taking over the development department at the last minute.
How to integrate a philanthropic culture, build a good relationship with donors and understand the dynamics of fundraising?


Early bird chats – Executive directors : Are employer expectations changing? October 5, 2022


Sustainable Philanthropic Partnerships – September 29, 2022
Three funders and three of their partners join forces to present the characteristics of their partnerships, from the very beginning of the relationship to the present day.
How do you build trust to enable both partner organizations to fulfill their respective missions?

This 2-hour conversation is an initiative of Philagora, in close collaboration with :

  • Danielle Filion of Mission Inclusion and her accomplice, Colombe Marcoux, Vigil’Ange.
  • Lise Roche of the Mirela & Lino Saputo Foundation and her accomplice Annie Lachance, Collectif régional de développement du Bas St-Laurent.
  • Jean-Charles Fortin, Sur la Pointe des pieds, long-time accomplice of the J. Armand Bombardier Foundation, represented by Ode Belzile.Early bird chats – Executive directors

Please note that these series are open in priority to people working in the non-profit sector, employees, board members or members of other committees, who formally represent the organization.

For some workshops where attendance is limited to a small number of participants, we will not be able to accept registrations from supporting actors (consultants, self-employed individuals, occasional volunteers). We thank you for your understanding.

For each workshop, detailed information (date, time, location and description) will be provided in the invitation sent at the beginning of the registration period, one month before the event. 

Please note that space is limited and fill up quickly. Register quickly!

New events may pop up during the year.  

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