Centaur Theater

For cultural and linguistic minorities, cultural institutions are vehicles for mobilization, exchange and discovery. By building bridges with the majority population, they reduce silos and promote living together. The Centaur Theatre has played a major role in Montreal’s English-speaking community since its creation. Over the years, the company has made significant inroads into Quebec’s French-language playwrights and has introduced a new audience to the great Quebec playwrights.
The Centaur also plays a structuring role for small local theatre companies that do not have the infrastructure and professional teams necessary to carry out all their activities independently. The pandemic has hit the cultural sector hard, both institutions and artists. Until 2020, Montreal’s cultural sector was contributing $11 billion annually to the local economy. It will take time to rebuild the city’s entertainment industry, but as a vital member of its cultural landscape, the Centaur is ready to play its part in the city’s inevitable revitalization.

Gift granted in August 2023
$15,000 / 12 months
Mission funding – specific program: Indigenous Artist Residency 

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