The Foundation organizes a series of training sessions, conferences and networking activities yearly. Open to the non-profit sector as a whole, these workshops allows the emergence of a dynamic and committed community of practice. 

The curriculum evolves constantly: we favour tailor-made workshops, in collaboration with experienced trainers who are sensitive to our particular challenges. These training sessions are also highly valued networking opportunities for organizations: they meet peers, exchange good practices, find mentors, and even can sow the seeds for joint projects. 

Philagora 2021-2022: a clever mix of novelties and sure values

To grasp the uncertainty and the great complexity that surround us, and to translate the multiple and ambiguous signals into concrete actions, such is the challenge that the great majority of organizations have been experiencing for several months.  

Support networks are more essential than ever. This is what we wish to offer with the new programmation.

Our intention: to continue to explore topics of interest to our sector, while strengthening the bonds of complicity, the spaces for sharing best practices, resources and states of mind, in all benevolence.  

The activities are in French. 


A virtual meeting space for Directors. The 75-minute discussions are intended to be a ponctual break for the directors, a safe place to share and to learn. A different topic is addressed at each meeting, which is co-facilitated by a DG (the conversations are mainly in French but English-speaking Directors are welcome to join!)

How do we understand donor motivations from a retention perspective?
September 30, 9:00 am to 11:00 am

The pandemic has increased funding pressures on organizations. How can we consolidate established partnerships and ensure that our donors remain loyal? 
5 people, with different perspectives on this issue, participated in the panel:

  • Marjolaine Lachance – Bell Canada
  • Kathy Assayag – Fondation communautaire juive de Montréal
  • Floriane Lemoine – Fondation Chamandy
  • Claude Dumas – individual donor
  • Chantal Cadieux – individual and corporate donor  

You missed the panel? Consult the documentation or reccording here (French only).

With the collaboration of Humanovis and Techno Culture Club,  we propose a series of three meetings to dive into the world of digital culture and data, in order to better understand the stakes and perspectives for our sector. 

1st meeting: the ABC of data

October 14 from 9:00 am to 10:30 am

With this first conference, we will set the table to better understand what is meant by the term “data”. We will also present the concept of digital maturity as well as a concrete case study of the digital shift undertaken by Humanov-is.

2nd meeting: Ethics of data

4 novembre de 9 h à 10 h 30 

We will use the experience of Tel-Jeunes as a starting point for an overview of the key ethical issues surrounding the collection, retention and use of data. We will also discuss bias and look at data through an Indigenous lens.  

 Save the dates for the last meeting: November 25.

December will be dedicated to the broad issues of diversity and equity in our organizations. We will address the inclusion of people with different abilities.   

Winter and spring will be the time to address the themes of strategic clarity, impact communication, evaluation, while continuing to reflect on decolonizing our practices and taking care of ourselves through nonviolent communication.  

And of course, we give ourselves the chance to seize opportunities and offer “surprise” events that we feel are relevant to our learning. 


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Please note that these series are open in priority to people working in the non-profit sector, employees, board members or members of other committees, who formally represent the organization.

For some workshops where attendance is limited to a small number of participants, we will not be able to accept registrations from supporting actors (consultants, self-employed individuals, occasional volunteers). We thank you for your understanding.

For each workshop, detailed information (date, time, location and description) will be provided in the invitation sent at the beginning of the registration period, one month before the event. 

Please note that space is limited and fill up quickly. Register quickly!

New events may pop up during the year.  

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