Fondation PalliAmi

Since opening its doors in 1979, the Palliative Care Unit at Montreal’s Notre-Dame Hospital has helped more than 8,000 people reach the end of life with respect. Thirty-eight years after its creation, PalliAmi continues to play a pioneering role in all areas of end-of-life care: training, research, dissemination and support.
For the past few years, PalliAmi has been offering continuing education workshops on the many facets of accompaniment to its volunteers, the Unit’s caregivers and those of palliative care hospices in the greater metropolitan area.
Among its future projects, PalliAmi wishes to become more involved in palliative care research and the dissemination of research findings. PalliAmi would also like to expand its activities, in particular developing new proposals that would be offered to patients outside the unit.

Gift granted in October 2023
15,000/12 months
Mission funding

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