L’Avenue hébergement communautaire

L’Avenue hébergement communautaire is one of the resources with the largest capacity for young people aged 18 to 29 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. The situation of young people in difficulty remains precarious. The rising cost of rent, the lasting impact of the pandemic on mental health, and the opioid crisis, which is now affecting Montreal in a more significant way, have a direct impact on young people in vulnerable situations. These situations can precipitate a move to the streets if interventions targeting, for example, addiction, mental health or financial insecurity are not deployed at the right time.

Structural and sustainable responses are insufficient. The vast majority of young people housed at l’Avenue come from the youth protection system and have no family safety net. The Avenue approach, which enables young people to move from temporary accommodation to long-term social housing, within the same organization and without breaking the continuum of psychosocial support, remains particularly effective.

L’Avenue is definitely a leader in the field of housing with psychosocial support for young people. Its reputation is well established, particularly with government authorities.

Gift granted in February 2024
30,000/12 months
Mission funding

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