Le Phare, enfants et familles

The Lighthouse is the only palliative care home in Québec specializing in pediatric care, encompassing the physical, psychological, social and spiritual dimensions. It contributes to maintaining the best possible quality of life for the child and offers support to the family through relief of the child’s symptoms, respite services and care up to the time of death and during the grieving period.
A constant increase in needs and the services offered is observable year after year. Pediatric palliative care is crucially important for children when staying at home becomes too difficult and the family does not want hospitalization.
The Lighthouse’s team stands out for its commitment, and its interest in action, innovation and constant research. Observers, students, researchers and executives of pediatric palliative care homes from other countries do not hesitate to make a stop at Le Phare to perfect their knowledge and share their expertise and experience.

Gift granted in August 2023
$50,000/24 months
Mission funding

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