No.9 Contemporary Art & Environment

The Foundation is proud to be associated with the school program “Imagining my sustainable community” which offers young people in grades 7 to 9 the opportunity to imagine a community project that respects the 9 pillars of sustainable development including economic, social and environmental aspects. This program takes place mainly in an urban setting and runs during the September-June school season. Since its creation in 2011, it has reached more than 4,500 young people.
During a week of intensive activities, students must develop a restoration project for a devitalized space in their neighborhood. Using models, they must illustrate their project, where, in addition to the pillars of sustainable development, they must be creative in addressing real needs.
Since the pandemic, a virtual version of the program has been implemented, accelerating its rollout in Vancouver, Winnipeg and across Ontario.

Gift granted in February 2024
$30,000/12 months
Mission funding

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