Projets Autochones du Québec

There are many reasons why young people leave First Nations and Inuit communities (lack of housing, jobs, education, economic opportunities, etc.). Unfortunately, once in the city, the majority of these people end up using front-line services for indigenous people.

The rising cost of living has put significant pressure on the community network. Shelters are increasingly busy, especially with the influx of asylum seekers. As a result, First Nations and Inuit homeless people have turned to PAQ in greater numbers.

The alcohol management program has been resolutely positive, and the rapid occupancy of rooms in the new Maison Akhwà:tsire demonstrates the extent of the need. This model accommodates mostly elderly people who have difficulty finding a place in a shelter because of their severe mental health problems and alcohol consumption. Their presence in the program helps to resolve a number of other related health problems, and greatly improves their living conditions.

Gift granted in February 2024
30,000/12 months
Mission funding 

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